Since the firm opened its doors in Zurich, A.C.BANG has maintained an own studio dedicated to satisfying every desire of its customers.
Should your fur garment no longer be entirely current, the summer months are the perfect time for repairs, alterations or a bit of rejuvenation work to make sure it is appropriately up-to-date for the coming winter season!
Fur is an extraordinarily versatile material. More often than not, a fur garment can be altered or reworked several times over, and damage can frequently be repaired without a visible trace.
Our highly skilled specialists will be delighted to recommend the best course of action. Please consult them – the range of options they will present you with might well amaze you!

  • Custom-tailoring service
  • Transformations
  • Alterations
  • Repairs


Give your cherished furs the benefit of a refreshing summer sojourn in our fully climate-controlled refrigerated storeroom. 

Fur is an organic product of nature that will provide you with many pleasurable moments throughout the years if you take good care of it. To optimally preserve the beauty and freshness of your furs, we recommend our professional storage service in fully air-conditioned rooms with regulated humidity and fresh air circulation.

As a further option, before placing your fur garments in storage we will examine them for visible wear, soiling etc. and recommend any necessary repair and cleaning work.


Some easy-to-follow advice on how to keep your fur garments looking and feeling good:

  • Always hang your fur garments on an appropriately shaped clothes hanger.
  • Fur travels well. Pack your fur items as you would any other garment. Shake gently after unpacking and hang them up on a clothes hanger.
  • Fur needs air. Keep your fur garments in a cool, dry place. Never enclose fur in any kind of plastic material.
  • If wet, fur should be dried in a cool, dry place.
  • Shake well once dry to restore its volume and softness.
  • Avoid artificial heat.
  • Always use a professional cleaning service.
  • Professional summer storage in a climate-controlled room is recommended.
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